Handicap Betting

My name is Jon! I’ve been handicap betting for more years than I care to remember now and I’ve set up Handicap Guru to help punters make more profitable betting decisions when placing Handicap bets.

My specialties lie in both the Handicap and Asian Handicap betting sectors, and with this I’ve created a number of articles that will allow you to avoid some of the mistakes I’ve made along the way.

I’ve also worked with dozens of bookmakers over this time and there are some that are better than others. My bookmaker reviews are targeted towards how the site perform for Handicap betting only, which is much more targeted than your general review.

Best bookmakers for Handicap and Asian Handicap betting


888 Sport

Next up is 888 Sport, and whilst these guys are a lot newer to the betting industry than bet365, they provide you with a real bang when it comes to Handicap betting. The Asian markets that the site include are really second to none and a quick look around will show you the hundreds and thousands of handicap markets they offer every day.

The site comes with one of the best welcome bonuses I have ever come across, and this is treble the odds for your first bet. If you want to know more about 888 Sport, then check out my review.

Asian Handicap Betting Summary

The Asian Handicap is one of the most exciting new betting markets in the industry. It works by simply eliminating the draw from the overall result of a match. The betting will include fraction into the equation, giving the underdog for the match a theoretical head start over their rivals.

The fraction means that a result can always be had and the draw no longer plays a role in how you bet. There are a number of different layouts fro these types of bets, meaning that positive, negative and even ‘push’ results can occur for this type of betting.

Click here to see a detailed look at Asian handicap betting.

Handicap Betting Summary

Handicap betting is essentially just giving one team a theoretical advantage of their opponents. This may be in the form of goals in a football match, points in a tennis match or even time in a horse race.

The base handicap will be applied to both teams or players and the bookmaker will give each a handicap that will then get the price of the result to nearer even money with the handicap applied. you can of course get bets where the handicap is more biased to one team than an other, which means the odds will change reflecting this.

Click here to see a detailed look at Handicap Betting.

Handicap Betting Tips

One section of the site I’m really keen to develop at Handicap Guru is the betting tips. I’ve seen that there are very few tipsters out there for Handicap and Asian handicap betting tips, so I decided to plug that gap myself.

Instead of uploading my tips directly to Handicap Guru, I instead decided to go down the mailing list route, meaning that you can get my exclusive tips completely free of charge, sent direct to your inbox.

The mailing list section just makes sense as it allows me to keep the site clutter free of the inevitable hundreds and even thousands of tips posts, but it also makes it much more accessible for you guys, as most of you simply access email from your smartphone anyway.